2000 – 2005 & 2017 – ?

Some history

I ran a Ronin Warriors/Samurai Troopers fansite at this domain from 2000 until 2001 or '02, got a separate domain for that site (no, I'm not re-registering it) then tried the whole "collective" website/blogging bullshit around 2002 until the end of 2005 when I decided to put a bullet in its head and get a new domain name to defile. Looking through the Internet Wayback Machine — oh man, did I write some stupid shit or what? Hey, I was young and it was a phase. I was growing up. You're not grown even in your 20s, as I've been learning over the years. Sometimes, we never grow up — I sure as fuck haven't.

Who Am I?

I'm one lazy-as-fuck web developer residing in the greater Twin Cities area. Well, actually I'm not lazy. I work pretty hard most of the time to justify my laziness in other areas. To be honest, running shitty fansites is what got me started on a lucrative career path.

Why did you do this again?

Because why not? After I let the domain go, it got picked up by those shitty spam-domain whatever they're called people and then it became a spam site for a few years. I recently noticed that the domain was available again two years ago but decided "nah, that time is dead". However, I had a change of heart and decided "eh, why not?"

What will you do with this domain?

As for what I'm actually going to do with this space? I don't know yet. I might let it go again in two years, or I might not. I may turn it into a portal for my non-professional/fun-to-do work like my artwork, writing, and coding experiments. I could turn it into a public-facing blog. Or I could leave it as is.

Will you bring back roninfortress?

Umm, how about fuck no. That part of my life really is dead. It's deader than a doornail, and I intend to make sure it stays dead even if I have to nuke it from orbit.

What am I up to?

'bout 5'3…Seriously, though.

Places I'm still active